The analysis is currently set to TEST. If this analysis is for a real customer or prospect, please set it to LIVE so that the associated data can be used by your company for analytics across opportunities. The analysis status can always be changed by clicking the TEST/LIVE icon next to the analysis name at the top of any screen.

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Presentation Mode

Presentation mode is a feature that allows you to share the results of your analysis with an audience in real-time or anytime. You can click Configure to edit and add to online slides that present the visualizations from this Results screen in an interactive presentation. When you are done editing, you can send a link to the deck to anyone you wish to present to. Recipients will always see the most up-to-date set of results when they click the link, meaning you don't have to re-configure the deck each time you make a change.

If you simply want to view the presentation and not edit it, click View Presentation, Only you can edit a presentation. When they follow the link you send them, recipients will only see the same thing that you see when you click View Presentation - they won't have access to the tool or inputs, but they can watch and interact with the presentation online whenever it is convenient for them.

iOS compatibility is coming soon! Use your iPad to edit and present the results of your analysis.

. Configure Presentation
S View Presentation

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