Learn just how much you can save by answering the 7 questions below!

How many patient beds in your facility?

What is your estimated annual growth rate in the next 5 years?

Tell us about the assets you plan to manage:

Summary / Detailed

Please select the asset types you intend to monitor, and provide current quantities and average cost per unit:

PCA / Syringe Pumps
Telemetry Packs
Infusion Pumps
Portable EKG
Bladder Scanners

How many assets in total are you going to monitor?

What is the average cost per unit for these monitored assets?

What is your current annual shrinkage / loss / theft rate?

of fleet

How much time do your clinical staff waste on searching equipment daily?

hours per day per clinical staff member

How much time do your non-clinical staff waste on searching equipment daily?
Consider tasks such as servicing (including planned maintenance), transporting, collecting (in case of a recall) and running inventory for it.

hours per day per non-clinical staff member

Clinical staff hours saved which could be applied towards patient care

Non-clinical staff hours saved annually that may allow you to optimize your resources

Amount saved from reduced shrinkage and fleet optimization

Learn just how much you can save by answering the 4 questions below!

How many refrigerators & freezers will be monitored?

How much time is currently spent each day by your staff on manually recording temperature?

minutes per device per day

What is the estimated total value of refrigerated product you're going to monitor?

What percentage of controlled product is commonly spoiled due to inadequate storage conditions?

of controlled product, annually


Hours saved annually from temperature recording automation


Saved annually from reduced spoilage

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