The Art and Science of Customer Success


How mature is your organization in its customer success journey? Do you believe you are well on your way? Or perhaps you are trying to develop a customer success strategy and are not sure where to start. This tool will help you find out how you stack up relative to best-in-class companies and provide insights, recommendations and specific calls to action from your results. Take a few minutes to go through the tool and answer nine questions focused around the three pillars of customer success:

  • Listening: How well do you listen to customers across the entire customer journey?
  • Engaging: Do you truly collaborate with our customers and do they seek our advice?
  • Ensuring: Are you proactively working with customers to make sure they are actually achieving value from your solutions?

Once you’ve answered the questions, you will immediately get a summary of results showing how you compare to best-in-class organizations. You can also download a more detailed report. Questions? Reach out to us at

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