VMAX Cloud Edition is a self-service, enterprise-class cloud delivery platform that accelerates time-to-value for users of the private, public, and hybrid cloud.

Discover how VMAX Cloud Edition accelerates service delivery with pre-configured storage service levels, and makes it easy to select a predictable business outcome at a predictable cost.

VMAX Cloud Edition allows users to reduce operational costs by automating storage service delivery and day-to-day tasks.

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Key Inputs for your current storage delivery model or Cloud Service Provider solution

Criteria for Calculations

  • Enter the number of years for this analysis:
  • Enter the average annual burdened cost for IT staff in thousands (leave blank for industry standard):

Service Band Activity

Enter the activity expected for each pre-configured service level:
Service Level Number of Client Volumes Avg number of requests per year to provision storage per user application Avg number of requests per year to change service level per user application Total number of requests per year Growth Rate Y/Y (%)
Diamond 450
Platinum 900
Gold 3600
Silver 1800
Bronze 3600
575 45 45 10350

Service level Changes and Provisioning

  • How many hours are required to provision storage and change service levels?

Storage Preparation

  • How many hours are required for initial setup to prepare array after installation or upgrade?
  • How many days per year do you spend on system health checks, re-sizing, and installing additional storage?

Planning and Troubleshooting

  • What percentage of each day is spent reacting to requests for storage performance issues including capacity planning and performance tuning?

Metering and Chargeback

  • Do you presently a have a metering or chargeback application or system for multi-tenant chargeback or show-back reporting?
  • How many hours per month is spent to manually collect tenant usage information for chargeback or show-back reporting?

Training and Pre-System Planning

  • How many training days does your staff devote to learning how to manage your storage infrastructure?



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