Cisco UCS TCO-ROI Advisor

Refreshing aging server platforms with the Cisco Unified Computing System increases the scalability of server virtualization, improves performance and agility and supports new applications.

A unified computing architecture drives down data center capital and operating expenses by reducing the overall number of infrastructure components and associated hardware, software and administration costs.

Powered by the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors, the Cisco Unified Computing Systems™ unites compute, network, and virtualization resources into a seamless system that simplifies IT, increases business agility and reduces TCO.
Existing Solution
Choose the server form factors in your existing solution. You must choose at least one form factor, but you may also include both.

Cisco UCS Solution
Choose a form factor for the proposed Cisco UCS solution. You must choose either B-Series or C-series. The tool will model a consolidation of all of the existing servers onto the infrastructure you choose below.

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